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Better than Resolutions: 3 Inspiring Ways to Set Your Intentions for 2020

The new year is just a few days away. This year is special because 2020 is also the start of a new decade. New beginnings signify hope and the possibility of starting over or even forging a new path. 

Resolutions are popular this time of year. We set them with good intentions but they’re often forgotten a few days in. What if, this year, you set a new kind of goal? What if, instead of focusing on things like losing weight or exercising more, you focus on specific goals that allow you to let go of what no longer serves you and embrace what brings you joy? 

Sounds kind of like the same thing, doesn’t it? Here’s the important difference and why it matters.

Resolutions are like short term goals. They imply that there is something “wrong” or something we need to “fix” or “be better at”. They’re easily avoided or forgotten and when we don’t achieve them, we feel bad.

Intentions, on the other hand, are more like a journey. They come from a place of positivity and strength. There is nothing to “fix” and nothing is “wrong”. Intentions support that you are “enough” and come from a place of mindfulness and acceptance. Intentions just become a part of your day.

The difference between resolutions and intentions is subtle but powerful. Sometimes just shifting our mindset to a more positive outlook can have a profound effect on our well-being, our relationships and even our physical health. 

Think you want to try setting intentions? Here are some great tips, examples and a little inspiration to help you set your intentions for 2020.

Let Yesterday Go 

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today.” (Mother Theresa)

We all have things in the past that we long for, regret or just wish had never happened. Yet, we tend to focus on them even though we cannot go back and change them. Maybe you were unkind to someone. Maybe you made a mistake that hurt feelings. Maybe you wish you had chosen a different path. Those things are done. 

This year, give yourself permission to let those things go. What’s done is done. If you need to make amends, do so. If you need to forgive someone, or even yourself, do so. Then let it be done. It’s ok to let it go and be at peace with it. 

Intention example: I intend to forgive others and myself. 

Focus on Today 

“In this moment, there is plenty of time. In this moment, you are precisely as you should be. In this moment, there is infinite possibility.” (Victoria Moran)

Allow yourself to live in the moment. Worrying about what has or hasn’t happened changes nothing. Worrying keeps you from appreciating all that is beautiful around you. When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses? Or sat and listened to the sounds of the morning? Are you letting fears or limitations hold you back from being present with friends and loved ones? 

Welcome each day and make a commitment to yourself to be present as the day unfolds. When you allow yourself to be present, you will notice so much that you’ve probably overlooked before. There is beauty in the little, everyday things.

Intention example: I intend to be open each day to happiness and time with loved ones.

Practice Gratitude 

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” (Melody Beattie)

Practicing gratitude sounds kind of out there but it is, in fact, quite a simple thing. Practicing gratitude simply means taking time each day to intentionally notice and appreciate things that you are grateful for. Some people speak their gratitude. Others choose to use a gratitude journal. However you choose to practice, the important thing is doing it because a gratitude practice is a treasure trove of benefits for your health, well-being and life satisfaction. Feeling more positive and happier, sleeping better, feeling more compassion and kindness towards others, improved self-esteem, more fulfilling relationships, improved self-esteem, better health and even a stronger immune system.

Intention example: I intend to start each day grateful for all that life presents to me.

As we say good-bye to 2019 and the decade that was, we at Classy Pal are grateful for our customers and the friends we have made along the way. Thank you for allowing us into your lives by providing you with products such as our adult clothing protectors that keep you active and independent. We look forward to 2020 with the intention of continuing to bring you the very best in adult care and lifestyle products and service so that you can continue to live your best life.  

Happy New Year from all of us at Classy Pal

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