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      Getting Crafty: Five Crafting Ideas for Seniors | Classy Pal

      Getting Crafty: Five Crafting Ideas for Seniors

      If you love handmade crafts, this article is for you! Crafting is something that many people enjoy but as we age, our sight or manual dexterity just isn’t what it once was. (Have you tried picking up those tiny seed beads lately?) The good news is, if you love crafting, there are many ways you can continue to indulge your creative side. We’ve gathered five of our favorite craft ideas for mature crafters. Take a look!

      Painting and Drawing

      Whether it’s freestyle, watercolors, ink, colored pencils or mixed media, painting and drawing is accessible for almost everyone. Today, brushes come in all lengths and sizes. Pencils come on varying thicknesses too, even no-roll styles. Pencil grippers can be used to hold implements. Adjustable easels make reaching your work easier on the back and shoulders, too.

      For those who like the idea of painting or drawing but don’t feel ready to freestyle, there are tools for you too. Today, you can find paint-by-number kits and coloring books for almost any interest or skill level. These are not your painting kits from childhood. These kits and coloring books are designed for adult creatives. Kits and books are an easy way to step into painting and drawing at your own pace and comfort level.

      Painted Flowerpots

      Decorative flowerpots are quite popular. You’ve probably seen them in magazines and maybe even on porches in your neighborhood. They’re lovely additions to your home and garden as well as great gifts. And they’re inexpensive and easy to make. With an endless possibility for designs, you can let your creativity run.

      To get started, get a few terra cotta flowerpots. Choose from small or larger ones, depending on the idea you have for your pot. You can find terra cotta pots at local garden stores, big box stores, craft stores, even some local thrift stores and dollar stores. You might even have a few old ones hanging around your garden just waiting for a facelift!

      Next, choose your paint colors and decorative accents. Look for outdoor acrylic paints if you’ll be displaying your pots outside. Visit your local craft store for tons of ideas for paint colors, decorative accents and more.

      Old Fashioned Decoupage

      You may remember decoupage projects from your grade school art class, never thinking it would still be a beloved craft today. Craft fairs are a trove of decoupaged items from coasters and trays to wood blanks, tin items, and more. You can even use terra cotta pots.

      All you need to get started are some pictures or pretty papers, some decoupage paste (one popular brand is Mod Podge) and a base. From there, the design is all up to you. Not sure how to get started? Here’s a great blog site to help: https://modpodgerocksblog.com/

      Knitting and Crocheting

      Knitting and crocheting may seem like a blast from the past, but these perennial favorites have stood the test of time. In fact, with more people at home in the last year, there’s been a resurgence of interest in knitting and crocheting. Not only can you make beautiful items, but the rhythmic pace of the needle work can also be soothing and relaxing. And, if working with yarn is something you love but your hands are not as nimble as they used to be, check out the chunky tube yarn blankets and crafts. There’s something for every skill level.

      Craft Kits

      Maybe you’re someone who’s always had a desire to be crafty but never knew quite where to start or what you might like. Well then, craft kits might be just your style! Whether you want to try making a wreath, paint a picture, build a bird house, or make jewelry, crafting kits let you try out a new craft project without buying tons of tools and supplies you may never use again.

      Look for craft kits at your local craft store, big box store, or even online at sites like Amazon. A quick search of “craft kits for seniors” will give you tons of options to consider.

      Can’t find what you want? Make your own craft kit. Make a list of what you’ll need. Then, check out discount stores and craft stores for those items. Many times, you can find smaller sizes of common art supplies in discount stores, sale bins and such. Crafting doesn’t have to be expensive, especially when you’re only getting the supplies you need. And, if you find it just wasn’t your cup of tea? No worries. Move on to your next project.

      Crafting can be fun, but it can be messy too. Don’t worry, ClassyPal has you covered! Our Cobbler’s Aprons are comfortable, stylish, and made to take on those craft projects while keeping your clothing protected. Our aprons feature deep pockets and easy on, easy off design. Our Wipe N Wear clothing protectors are great for those craft projects that might be more splatter-prone. No more worrying that your clothing will end up looking like your craft project.

      Crafting can be a great way to spend free time and give you a chance to flex that creativity. Engaging your brain in creative ways also helps to maintain that cognitive flexibility that is so important to nurture as we age. When it comes to crafting, there really is something for everyone. So, choose a project and get your creativity run free!

      Physical Benefits of Arts and Crafts for the Elderly | Classy Pal

      Physical Benefits of Arts and Crafts for the Elderly

      We all know that arts and crafts are fun. They are a way to indulge our creativity and let it run free. It feels good to make something unique. But, did you know engaging in arts and crafts are also beneficial to your health? Yep, that art project you love so much can actually be good for you!

      Researchers have found that participating in various artistic activities such as art, theatre, dance, crafting, and music can enhance health and quality of life. And, it appears that the specific activity you choose may be less important than actually participating. The evidence suggests that while observing things like theatre, dance and such, while enjoyable, don’t yield the same kind of benefits.

      Crafting is not just fun. It plays an important part in overall health and well-being.

      Improved Physical Strength

      Maintaining strength is important as we age. It helps us to maintain our independence. When you’re physical strong, you’re able to complete those daily living activities of life (sometimes referred to as ADLs) with no or as little assistance as needed. Physical strength is also associated with a reduced risk of falling. Depending on the activity you choose, crafting can help you to maintain muscle strength and fine motor function.

      Stress and Anxiety Reduction

      Stress and anxiety are common with older adults. Excess stress is associated with a number of issues including headaches, physical ailments such as pain, fatigue, and cardiovascular issues. It can also impact memory and cognition. You may also fine that you’re calmer and less irritable. Crafting helps to reduce stress by allowing you to release energy in ways that are soothing and pleasurable.

      Improved Memory and Cognition

      Crafting can help you to keep your brain active and maintain that cognitive flexibility that is so crucial to good brain health. When you are creating something, your brain gets a good workout. It’s doing a million things you aren’t even aware of. Crafting requires you to think about what you’re doing in lots of different ways from visualizing how you might start and all the design decisions along the way. Crafting has been found to improve learning and problem-solving skills in older adults. More important, there is growing evidence to suggest that crafting may play a role in lowering risk of cognitive impairment and dementia.

      Improved Self Esteem and Confidence

      When we accomplish something, it feels good. When you craft something, you can look at it and think, “I made that!” While it may seem a small thing, that boost of self-confidence and self-esteem goes a long way. People who feel good about themselves tend to also have a better outlook on life, are more likely to care for themselves, and tend to report a better overall quality of life. Crafting something makes you feel accomplished!

      Improved Sleep

      Of all the things you can do for your well-being, few are more important that getting good restorative sleep. A good night’s sleep is also something that can seem elusive, especially as we age. Engaging in crafts, especially those that use softer materials like knitting (yarn) have been shown to promote relaxation and may be a good choice for someone struggling with sleep. Some research suggests that the softness combined with the repetitive nature of needle crafting like crocheting and knitting might induce the nature’s relaxation response, helping you to wind down and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

      Grief Support

      Sadly, we sometimes lose someone we love. Coping with a loss is never easy and something many of us are unprepared for. There’s no one way to grieve and finding peace can take time. It may sound counterintuitive, but engaging in something creative can help you process your grief. Crafting can offer you a place to focus on something besides your pain, even for a short while. Creating something gives you a place to release some of the emotional energy you may be holding. And, if you choose, you can create something to honor or remember your loved one. Arts and crafts can be a soothing, enjoyable way to cope during a very difficult time.

      Whether you’re looking for something to pass time or looking for something relaxing or just wanting to try something new, arts and crafts just might be your next fun adventure. And, don’t forget, while you’re crafting, ClassyPal has a full line of adult clothing protectors to help you keep your clothing free of spills and splatters. We can’t wait to see what you create!


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      Six Stimulating Activities for the Elderly | Classy Pal

      Six Stimulating Activities for the Elderly

      Do you ever get the feeling that you’re stuck in a rut? Doing the same things over and over, day in and day out? If so, you’re not alone. Over time, we can get locked into patterns of doing things that can start to feel dull and uninspiring. Of course, having a daily routine is important. It’s what helps us get up and out of bed. It gives us purpose. But once you’re up and dressed, then what? Are you excited to be up and going? Or, does it feel like every day is the same? If you answered the latter, it might be time to find some more exciting things to do. 
      As we age, mental and physical stimulation is more important than ever! Studies tell us that stimulating activities contribute to physical health and help preserve cognitive functioning and flexibility. Inspiration can come in many forms, from simply changing the route of your daily walk to trying a new exercise class to learning a new language. 

      Are you looking for a bit of stimulation or activities for your elderly loved one? Check out these six stimulating activities for the elderly.


      Crafting is one of those activities that, depending on what you choose, can be both physically and mentally stimulating. The act of doing something with your hands gives those hands and fingers a workout, helping to maintain strength and function. Crafting requires attention and focus, as well as decision-making, as you tap into your creativity. Learning something new helps your brain to create new pathways and store new information.

      Learning A New Skill

      Despite what you may think, it’s never too late to learn something new. Learning new skills supports cognitive function and flexibility so vital to maintaining good brain health. The act of learning also contributes to improved focus and mental alertness. If you’re learning in a group setting, it also gives you the opportunity to engage with others.
      The Pet Connection

      For animal lovers, connecting with animals is a source of joy and can even improve your overall health and sense of well-being! Owning a pet can be quite rewarding but is a commitment. They require and rely on you for their care and well-being. Having a pet gives you purpose. Animals are also a source of comfort and companionship. Studies tell us that connecting with animals can enhance physical and emotional well-being. If owning a pet is more of a commitment than you want to make, consider volunteering at your local shelter or even spending time with family and friends who have pets.

      Brain Games

      This one is for your puzzle and game lovers. Games and puzzles of all kinds require you to use your brain’s decision-making and problem-solving skills. These activities are known to improve memory, attention and help maintain cognitive flexibility. What’s great about puzzles and games is that you can do them almost anywhere, with friends or on your own. Some of the many activities to choose from include crossword puzzles, word searches, card games, checkers or chess, Sudoku, and much more.

      Whether you choose singing, dancing, playing an instrument, or simply listening to your favorite tunes, the effects of music are profound. The act of singing, dancing, or playing an instrument requires a physical engagement that can help strengthen your body and help maintain flexibility. Cognitively, music helps to stimulate memory and evokes feelings of happiness and well-being. Music is known to calm anxiety and relieve stress too. Music is also something you can share with friends and loved ones, whether it’s listening together, playing or singing with them, or taking a class together.

      If you’re a cook or a foodie, this might be for you! Cooking requires both physical and mental engagement because you’re choosing recipes and ingredients, measuring, mixing, and creating your culinary delight. And, cooking is something that holds meaning. You can do it solo or cook with family and friends when we make those family favorites; memories of loved ones and get-togethers come back to warm our hearts. Reminiscing is an excellent exercise for the brain too. 
      Staying physically and mentally engaged and challenged as we age can be a game-changer for maintaining health and independence. Find something that interests you and try it out! And don’t forget, while you’re out trying those new things, ClassyPal is there with you to keep you comfortable and looking stylish and sophisticated no matter what activity you choose.

      Senior Discounts: Where and How to Find Them | Classy Pal

      Senior Discounts: Where and How to Find Them

      Everybody loves a discount, right? One of the perks of being a mature adult is the senior discounts you’re eligible for. They’re great for helping to stretch that budget just a bit further, too. But finding them isn’t always as easy as you might think. Senior means senior, doesn’t it? Well, not exactly.

      While a senior is generally considered someone 65 or older, many businesses set that age somewhat lower. Some companies set their senior discounts to start at age 55! One thing to keep in mind, though, is that senior discounts are not a legal requirement. They’re a nice perk that your favorite retailers might offer, but they are certainly not mandatory. Something else to keep in mind, senior discounts don’t only apply to restaurant discounts. There’s a whole world of senior discounts out there just waiting for you to use them.

      So how do you find these great discounts? Here are our best tips for finding those senior discount gems.


      Lots of businesses have senior discounts, but it’s not something that you might immediately know. And, to be fair, it can be awkward for your check-out person or server to offer a senior discount if they don’t know your age. So, if you don’t mind sharing your age, ask if there is a senior discount. You may be pleasantly surprised.

      Search Online

      Many big retailers offer senior discounts. Some discounts are always available. Others are on specific days, so you have to do your homework. Think about all the large stores you frequent – grocery stores, department stores, hardware stores, and restaurants. Check out their websites to see what they offer for discounts. Some may have discount or rewards programs.

      Check out your Local Businesses

      Senior discounts aren’t just for the big retailers. Every community has its unique local businesses. Think about the places you frequent most - restaurants, coffee shops, car repair places, or even the local hardware store. Ask about senior discounts they may offer.

      Consider Joining a Rewards Program

      Some businesses offer rewards programs. Many are free. If your retailer doesn’t offer a senior discount, their rewards program might provide you with similar savings. Before you opt for a rewards program, be sure to read the fine print. Be wary of those that require a fee or getting a credit card. Read the program description before you sign up.

      Join a Club or Senior Group

      Another way to access senior discounts is through a senior-focused membership organization. Probably the one you’re most familiar with is AARP. Another popular group American Seniors Association. These groups can coordinate discounts with business and pass that on to members. You can find deals on insurance, travel, healthcare services, and much more. Every organization is different, so be sure to explore the benefits of each one so that you choose the best fit for your needs.

      Look for the Hidden Gems

      When you think of senior discounts, the prominent places are grocery stores, department stores, and restaurants, but many other places offer this privilege.

      • Drug stores – many drug store chains offer discounts for their senior customers
      • Travel – airlines, cruise lines, even some rental car companies offer senior discounts
      • Hotels – many major hotel chains offer discounts to seniors
      • Entertainment – did you know that many movie theaters offer senior discounts? Many museums, theaters, gold courses, amusement parks, and even national parks offer discounts to senior visitors.
      • Repair shops – your mechanic or auto part store may offer senior discounts
      • Hair and nail salons
      • Home Services such as housecleaning, pest control services, etc.
      • Online Stores - check out websites with a senior customer base such as Classy Pal. They offer a wide selection of products that are perfect for senior citizens

      This list could go on and on, but you get the idea. Senior discounts can be found almost anywhere. If you’re not sure, it is always ok to ask. You might be surprised just how often the answer is yes!

      Five Unexpected Ways to Boost Your Memory | Classy Pal

      Five Unexpected Ways to Boost Your Memory

      We've all done it, forget someone's name or a place we visited. It happens, and it's not always a sign of a memory problem. The fact is, memory fades a bit as we age. However, aging doesn't have to mean you become forgetful or lose your precious memories. Memory is more than just remembering your childhood, your first kiss, or what you saw on your last vacation. Memory is also what helps you learn new information, retain it, and recall it when you need to. Since memory is an essential function of our brain, we need to keep it healthy.

      The good news is, there are things you can do to preserve and even improve your memory. Taking care of yourself physically and emotionally can help you keep your memory working well for as long as possible. Wondering how to do that? Here are five ways you can boost your memory to keep it in tip-top shape.

      Feed Your Brain Well

      Eat well to boost memory? That sounds strange, doesn't it? Well, the fact is, diet plays a huge role in brain health. Memory experts have been looking at food and how it might affect brain health. What they've found is that certain foods contain specific nutrients that help to keep your brain healthy. Nutrients such as vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), and flavonoids have been linked to improved cognitive performance among healthy older people. For example, the nutrients contained in foods such as avocados, berries, and extra virgin olive oil are linked with decreased cognitive decline. Diets such as the DASH Diet or Mediterranean Diet may be helpful. Of course, you always want to discuss dietary changes with your doctor to ensure you're eating the foods that are right for your health needs.

      Get Your Beauty Rest

      There is probably nothing more important than getting good, quality sleep of all the things you can do for your health. Did you know that when you're sleeping, your brain is hard at work removing toxins, storing memories, preparing itself, and preparing for the coming day? While you sleep, your brain is cleaning itself of the toxins that build up during the day. These toxins have been linked to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's dementia.  

      Sleep has also been linked to memory. Not just sleep but your sleep patterns and the quality of your sleepover time can affect your ability to recall information about past events. So, not only is getting enough sleep important, it's also important to be consistent with your sleep habits so that your brain is well-rested and ready to work at its best.

      Exercise Your Brain

      This tip is a fun one because there are a million ways to exercise your brain. You can do puzzles or play games. You can learn a new skill or language. Studies have found that people who learn new skills and engage in cognitively demanding activities tend to have a better memory function and a sense of well-being than those who choose less cognitively demanding activities.

       Activities like these are thought to protect the brain by creating a "cognitive reserve." They may help the brain become more adaptable and able to compensate for age-related brain changes and health conditions that affect the brain as we age.

      Some other ideas for keeping your brain active include:

      • Read a book
      • Take a class
      • Learn to play an instrument
      • Volunteer
      • Take up a new hobby
      Choose something that interests you and try it out. Better yet, ask a friend to join you. Having an active social life helps keep your memory sharp and your brain healthy too.

      Be Social

      Having a group of friends and socializing with others plays a crucial role in keeping your brain healthy. Getting together with friends and doing things together requires you to use lots of your brainpower. Studies have consistently shown that people who regularly socialize with others tend to have better memory and cognitive function than those who are more isolated. And getting together with others improves overall feelings of well-being and happiness. Having a healthy social life has been linked to better overall health too.

      Manage Your Stress

      Stress can affect every part of your body, both physically and mentally. While some stress is normal and even beneficial, chronic stress is a problem. Chronic stress can change the brain over time, leading to problems with memory, decision making, mood instability, anxiety, and an increased risk for dementia.

      Here are a few tips for taming your stress to protect your memory:

      • Exercise: Physical activity helps to relieve stress and increases blood flow, even to your brain 
      • Practice relaxation: Try meditating or engaging in Tai Chi or gentle yoga
      • Journal: Take some time each day to write and reflect
      • Listen to music: Choose music that you find soothing
      While we can't stop aging, there are things you can do to age in the healthiest way possible. Taking care of your brain health is one of the most important tasks as we age. While you care for your body, be sure you are taking care of your brain too. 

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      Five Crafty Ideas for Seniors with Limited Dexterity | Classy Pal

      Five Crafty Ideas for Seniors with Limited Dexterity

      Let’s be honest. As we get older, our hands don’t always work as well as they once did. Things like grip strength, manual dexterity, and fine motor skills are sometimes affected by aging, medications we take, or even health issues such as arthritis or a hand injury. If you’re a craft lover, losing dexterity can make crafting harder. Depending on the type of craft, holding those skinny paintbrushes or charcoals can feel more like an exercise on frustration than a fun activity. And let’s not even talk about those seed beads! What’s a craft lover to do?

      We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best craft ideas for seniors who are dealing with limited dexterity. Whether you’re a lifelong crafter or looking for something new to try, we think you’ll find something that catches your eye.

      Blow Painting

      Blow painting might conjure up memories from your early school years when your teacher would give you a skinny, little milk straw and some watercolors and you’d blow the paints around. Well, blow painting has grown up and has seen a resurgence with adults too. The beauty of blow painting is that straws come in so many sizes you can find one that fits your hand. Those chunky jumbo straws are easy to pick up and hold on to. You can choose the paint you prefer, the size straw that’s most comfortable for you and even choose your base. Maybe you prefer glass or tile to paper or a canvas. There are a zillion possibilities to create something beautiful. Pour your paint and blow!

      Tape Painting

      This is another blast from the past that has found its way back to popularity. If you like bold, abstract art, this style might be just right for you. All you need is some painter’s tape, a canvas of your choice, brushes that fit your hand, and some acrylic paints. Painter’s tape comes in a variety of widths so don’t be afraid to experiment. Simply stick strips of tape onto the canvas in any pattern you prefer.  You can even vary the length of the strips for a more complex pattern. Next, paint the bare sections using any colors you like. Let it dry. Peel off the tape to reveal your masterpiece!


      Most people have a box full of mementos, family pictures, and other memorabilia. That box contains a lifetime of memories and experiences that hold great meaning. Scrapbooking offers a wonderful opportunity to bring those pieces together in a way that tells the story of your experiences. Scrapbooking tools and accessories come in all shapes and sizes so there’s something for everyone. Look for larger scrapbooks, easy grip pens and markers, easy grip scissors, stampers, and other easy to hold items. For those pics that might need some close trimming, ask a family member for help. You may just find yourself sharing a memory that brings generations together.


      If you’re a beading lover but find your hands aren’t quite as nimble as they used to be, this idea is for you! Chunky beads and jewelry is not only on trend but these beads are much easier to handle. Check out any local craft or bead store and you will find beads in every shape, size and color. You can use a thicker thread or even use the beads for other projects. Look for easy grip scissors and pliers if you will be using thread, twine or wire. You can create lovely necklaces and bracelets or design something totally unique.

      Container Gardens

      If you’re a gardener but digging in the dirt has become a challenge, container gardening might just be your new favorite thing. Container gardens allow you to continue to tend the plants you love in a way that avoid the kneeling, digging, and pulling. These days, there are countless varieties of plants that can be grown in containers. You can sit or stand to tend them. And, with so many container options, you can even decorate and paint your containers to give your container garden its own unique personality. No yard? No worries. You can grow plants in containers on a balcony or even a window sill. There are many lovely small house plants and herbs that love a sunny window sill where you can lovingly tend to them. Check out your local garden center for ideas and easy grip tools.

      No matter what you choose, crafting can give us hours of enjoyment. While you’re getting busy, don’t forget to protect your clothes. ClassyPal has a complete line of adult bibs and aprons to protect your clothes from spills and splatters. And, you’ll look stylish in your crafting attire. Find what you love to do and let your creativity run free. We can’t wait to see what you create!