About Us

At Classy Pal, it's our mission to provide clothing protectors that encourage self-confidence and maintain dignity for older adults and others in need while dining. 

After seeing our Grandmother feeling demoralized while wearing an ugly “adult bib”, we knew there had to be a better solution. Why was there not a stylish clothing protector on the market?

We began doing extensive research and our perspective on a clothing protector started to shift as we saw the possibility of what this everyday garment could be: modern and beautiful with all the features of a useful “adult bib”.

How many other people like our Grandmother were wearing unattractive clothing protectors at least three times each day and feeling belittled or unattractive? The emotional impact of wearing a stylish Clothing Protector garment positively impacts behavior, attitude, personality, mood and confidence.

About Our Process

Step 1: Identify Fashion Trends & Research Concept Creation

Hours of initial research goes into coming up with concepts and designs. We take into consideration what our clients would most resonate with, what is happening in the fashion industry, and what our own creativity suggests.

Step 2: Collaborate with Top Designers in the USA

In this stage, we work with top designers and begin to see our ideas and drawings come to life into technical formats. This process includes many steps making adjustments and refinements between the designers and Classy Pal. Once we think the design is perfect, our designers help create a tech design packet that gets handed off to our manufacturer for embroidery.

Step 3: Sampling Of High Quality Materials 

We work with the best manufacturers in the world to produce the highest quality and most sophisticated clothing protector on the market. Our manufacturer is able to take our crafted tech design packets and produce a clothing protector exactly how we’ve designed it “on paper”. (This sampling phase usually takes 2-3 tries before the clothing protector is exactly how we want it because we make sure every detail is accurate and the design looks real!) Combining our specially made Classy Pal Polyester fabric material - which is soft, comfortable and waterproof - with our unique designs, we are able to craft something extremely distinctive.

Step 4:  All Of The Details

We built this product with our grandmother in mind, so we take the greatest care in making sure our clothing protectors make her proud. We ensure every detail from the woven tag to the packaging insert card is thoroughly designed for your satisfaction. We hope you love our special touches.

Step 5: Providing High-End Clothing Protectors to Our Loved Ones

Finally, the clothing protector’s are ready to positively change people’s lives and give back dignity to those who we love. 

Classy Pal is the online destination for high end, sophisticated and stylish clothing protectors that you or your loved one will love! Join the Classy Pal Clothing Protector Revolution and dine with dignity. We're honored to have you here with us. 

Lamar Duffy

Founder Classy Pal

Classy Pal is now a The Ink Spot Corporation brand with a new management and an expanded team with over a decade in product research and development experience.