Bundles: The Best Money Saver You Probably Never Think Of

Everybody loves a good deal, right? We shop sales, watch the specials, and try to get the best deal possible. Saving money on our purchases is even more important when on a fixed income which most older folks are. One of the best kept money-saving secrets is purchasing items in bundles. Bundling might not be something you’d immediately think of, especially when shopping for personal care items, but bundling can make a huge difference in wallet and your budget. We think bundling for personal care items just makes sense because chances are, you or your loved one probably has the need for more than one item. Not sure about bundling? Here are five great reasons to think bundles when you’re shopping. 

1. Bundles Simplify Your Shopping

Bundles can make the shopping process easier. You’ll often see bundles that offer complementary products. For example, if you’re shopping for a wheelchair blanket, you might also need a tote to store your blanket in when traveling. If you need gloves, you might also need slippers. Bundling makes it easy to get what you need without going from place to place. 

2. Bundling Makes Choosing Your Items Easier

Of course, you want to look at your options when shopping for something. However, it’s time-consuming, especially if you have to visit several places. For many of us, too many options can be overwhelming. How do you choose? What goes with what? Bundles make it easy to look at lots of different options and see which items might complement each other or work well together. If you like putting your own bundles together, sometimes, you can find even find “mix and match” style bundling.

3. Bundles Are Economical

Sellers want to sell their products, but they also know that their customers want to feel like they are getting good value. Bundles can save you money, and we all love that! When you choose items a la carte, of course you pay the full price. Bundles generally offer you some combination of items or services at a lower price. They’re the same items you could buy individually, but when they are purchased together, you get a better price. 

4. Bundles Make the Shopping Experience Better

Many people like the ease and cost-saving that come with bundling. Sellers know it too. But good bundling is more than just putting some random items together. Sellers who listen to their customers and pay attention shopping patterns take time to build bundles that they hope their customers will really love. That’s why you’ll often see them updating and creating new bundle options for their customers. Knowing that the seller is in tune with their customer’s needs and preferences helps to instill trust. That’s important because most people prefer to shop with sellers that they trust and feel comfortable with. 

5. Bundles Mean More To Enjoy

Of course, sometimes we buy items because we need them. But let’s be honest. Sometimes, we buy something just because we want it. Bundles are a great way to get both, especially if you can mix-and-match. For example, maybe your spouse needs a new adult bib and you really, really love the adult bib with the pearl necklace. Bundles let you have both! Something your partner needs and something you love. Bundles are convenient and give you lots of options for purchasing the things you want or need. 

At Classy Pal, we listen to our customers and try to provide you with quality products. One of the things we’ve heard is that you love bundles. We do too! We’ve recently updated our products to include bundles of some of our best-selling bibs and cobbler aprons. If you’ve had your eye on something, take a look and see what we’ve bundled for you. If you love bundles, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you. 

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