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Don’t Miss A Moment: 3 Tips for Marking Special Occasions

Life is full of moments…some are just the day-to-day passing of time. Other moments, however, are those that become cherished memories of loved ones and the things we’ve done with them. They are the tapestry that is our life.

When a loved one begins to struggle due to illness or even just the effects of aging, we start to worry. How much time do we still have? Is everything going to change now? Is there time to still do what we want to do with them?

And make no mistake, your loved one is noticing and worrying too. Will I be able to stay independent? Will I still be able to spend time with my family and friends? Is there still time to do what I want to do with them?

When it comes to making memories, it’s the little things that turn out to be the big things. Marking special occasions, especially with our aging or ailing loved ones, takes on special meaning. With a little planning and a little creativity, you can spend time with your loved ones and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Not sure where to start? Check out our tips for marking special occasions!

Start a Memory Box

It’s the little things…a smile, a photo, a seashell. It’s a hundred little items that we collect over a lifetime. They evoke memories of times gone by. Instead of searching through drawers for “that photo”, why not start a memory box? A memory box is a loving place to store those little mementos that you and your loved one cherish.  You can buy a pre-made box or you can put your unique design on one. The important thing is to have a special place to store precious mementos so that you and your loved ones can mark your special moments and reminisce about those lovely days.

Say Cheese!

Some families are prolific picture takers. Others are not. As time goes on, photos often become cherished mementos of happy times spent with those we love. When we’re not feeling our best, it’s easy to refuse or avoid a picture. If you see your loved one avoiding pictures, be supportive and encouraging. Have a conversation. Hear them. Maybe taking a funny photo is more their style or eases the uneasiness.

Another thing to consider: is your loved one feeling included? Sometimes when a loved one is less mobile, it’s easy to overlook that they might need some assistance getting into the frame. They might not want to “be a bother” and won’t ask. Be proactive. Invite them to participate and offer help. Let them take some of the pictures. You never know what that lens will capture.

Honor the Milestones

When life is busy and we’re tasked with care-giving, it can be easy to overlook the milestones and achievements, big and small. Maybe your loved one has a milestone birthday. Maybe someone is celebrating completion of chemotherapy. Maybe your loved one was able to walk without a walker today. Maybe you were able to reunite with old friends at your favorite restaurant. Life is full of these moments that sometimes mobility worries or illness can impede. Take time to acknowledge and celebrate each achievement no matter how big or small. They all matter.

One of the things that keeps people from marking occasions is trouble with mobility or issues related to aging or an illness. Things like being able to navigate a venue, eat without spilling or even hold their fork can leave them feeling insecure about attending.

Here at Classy Pal, we value family and want to do our part to keep your loved one engaged and present at all those special moments. We recognize that worries about being able to feel comfortable and confident can be a barrier to joining in on those special moments with family and friends. With a complete line of sophisticated, comfortable and attractive bibs for adults, your loved one can attend those events and feel confident that life’s little spills won’t matter. At, you’ll find a style just right for your loved one’s special occasion.

With a little planning and attention, your loved one can be present at all of life’s special moments. Less worry means more enjoyment for all.
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