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Everyone Loves Halloween: 5 Ghoulishly Good Tips for Celebrating Halloween with Your Loved One

Halloween is here and you know what that means ghosties and ghoulies and treats of every kind. Halloween is also an opportunity to spend time and make memories with loved ones. Sometimes, though, time and health issues can put a damper on the fun. Loved ones with limits or special needs can feel left out or fearful of joining in the festivities.

Well, no need to miss the ghostly good times!  Here are some tips to make sure Halloween is fun for all!

1. Costumes for All

Many of us have fond memories of Halloween and trick-or-treating in years gone by. Part of the Halloween tradition for lots of families is dressing in a costume. Continue the tradition! Make plans to dress up for Halloween and include your loved one who may need a little help to participate. Do you or your loved one have a favorite character? Does your family do themed celebrations? If possible, invite your loved one along when choosing costumes. Ask for their input. Make costume shopping a family outing and make some new memories.

2. Decorate Your Way

Decorating sets the mood for the holiday. Maybe your family likes spooky decorations. Maybe you prefer pumpkins and cartoon characters. Whatever your preference, decorating sets the tone for the celebration. Sometimes decorating can be hard for mature folks or those with limited mobility. It can leave them feeling a bit left out. The answer is, keep it simple! Some colored candles (think black, orange, purple, green) can serve as the foundation of your decorating. Add a few pumpkins or a door wreath and you’re ready. If you or your loved one is particularly “crafty”, consider making your own decorations – a wreath, a centerpiece or other festive decoration. A little color can go a long way so create your spooky space the way that works for you.

3. Have a Movie Night

Many families enjoy Halloween-themed movies and this time of year, there is no shortage of choices. Going out to a theater is one option and can be a great family outing. If mobility or illness are a consideration, plan a movie night at home. Is there a particular movie that your family loves to watch during Halloween? Does your loved one have a special movie they’d like to see again? Include your loved one in choosing the movie and the spooky food and snacks. If mealtime issues are a concern for your loved one, don’t forget to bring along their Classy Pal adult bib. Feeling comfortable and confident will make movie time and family time more enjoyable.

4. Get In the Kitchen

Food is often associated with pleasant memories of times past and feelings of comfort and togetherness. If cooking, baking or even pumpkin carving is a part of your family’s Halloween traditions, plan a day to relive some of those sweet memories and make some new ones while you’re at it. Ask your loved one about a special memory or treat they loved. Choose some new recipes. Even if your loved one’s mobility or dexterity is limited, allow them to help with preparation. Talk about fond memories and the meaning behind some of the treats. Sometimes, there are interesting family stories attached to certain family food traditions. You never know what you might learn about your family’s history.

5. Trick-or-Treat!

Of course, not every adult wants to dress up and go trick-or-treating. But, you or your loved one may just love it. If so, by all means, go and have a ghostly good time, grownup style. Check out local senior or community centers. A lot of communities have Halloween festivities just for the mature members of the community. And don’t let worries about eating stop you! If needed, bring along your Classy Pal adult bib. It can be discreetly worn with almost any attire and may just be the envy of all the other ghosts and goblins.

Another way to be included in trick-or-treating is to help hand out candy or great the littles at your door. For some, the joy of Halloween is experienced through the children who come to visit.

Regardless of how you celebrate Halloween, the important thing is to make sure all of your loved ones are included. Inclusion means so much, especially with holidays. Ask your loved one how they’d like to participate and create a place for them in your festivities. And, take lots of pictures to share with loved ones. After all, you’re making memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Happy Halloween from Classy Pal

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