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Feeling Let Down: 7 Tips to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

All the gifts have been opened.

The decorations have been put away.

Time with family and friends was wonderful and you had a great time. So why are you feeling so blue?

During the holidays, we’re focused on the festivities, shopping, cooking and celebrating with others. It’s exciting. It’s heartwarming. It’s tinsel and glitter and lights, family and presents, good food and good friends. Our expectations are so high, maybe too high.  Then all of a sudden, it’s calm and quiet. It’s hard to stay in that happy place when the holidays are over.

What you’re experiencing is real and you are not alone. Post-holiday blues are common with an estimated 25% of people experiencing some depression in the weeks following the holiday season. It’s more than just missing the holidays. It’s an emotional return to the realities of everyday. For some it might be coming to terms with expectations that fell short. It can leave us feeling sad and even let down.

The good news is that there are things you can do to beat the post-holiday blues.

Make Time for You

When our lives get busy, it’s easy to forget to do nice things for ourselves. This year, take some time for yourself. Give yourself the gift of time. Do those little things that got left in 2019. Take a bubble bath. Take a long walk in the sunshine. Spend an afternoon reading a favorite book. Little things that you do just for you are soothing and bring you back to your normal routine.

Practice Good Self-care

When we’re blue it’s easy to just give in and do nothing. The blues can steal your desire to take care of yourself. Instead, make a commitment to yourself to not give in. Get up everyday and get dressed in clean clothes. Do your hair and makeup. Bathe. Eat a balanced diet – you know how rough the holidays can be on healthy eating. Also, make sure you’re sleeping well. You probably missed a few naps with all the holiday buzz.

Look Forward

Instead of looking back and dwelling on “what was”, make plans for things you can look forward to. Maybe it’s a vacation. Maybe you want to plan a social outing with friends. Is there a community event you’ve been wanting to attend? Having things to look forward to gives us hope, increases optimism and stokes the anticipation of having fun things to look forward to.

Practice Mindfulness

Each day take a few minutes to check in with yourself and how you’re doing. Slow down, close your eyes and breathe. Do a quick self-check. What are you feeling? Allow yourself to feel it and reflect on where that feeling stems from. Give yourself permission to let go of negativity and anything else that doesn’t serve you, even if it’s just for today.

Change Your Attitude

Each day, you can choose what you focus on. You can choose to take charge of your life and focus on things that are positive, supportive and enhancing in your life. Practice gratitude. Allow yourself to recognize and appreciate the things in your life you’re grateful for. People who practice gratitude daily have a more positive outlook and sense of well-being. Give yourself a few minutes a day just to get your mindset in the right place.

Give the Gift of Service

One way to keep the holiday spirit alive all year is to be of service to others. Acts of kindness have a paradoxical effect on the person extending the kindness or service. When you are kind to others, not only are you helping someone, you’re helping yourself. People who practice kindness and service to others generally feel more positive and content. Look for a place to volunteer. Take a meal to a friend recovering from an illness or otherwise unable to go out. There are opportunities every day to be of service to someone. And, remember, it costs nothing to be kind.

Talk It Out

Sometimes, we just need someone to talk to. Call a friend and catch up. Chances are, your friend is feeling a post-holiday let down too. Try to avoid dwelling on the holidays or allowing negativity to creep into the conversation. They say laughter is the best medicine and it’s true! It’s hard to focus on being blue when you’re having fun and a few laughs. Talk about cheery topics and have a good belly laugh.

Sometimes, we need a little more help. If you find the blues persisting, reach out to a counselor. Talking with someone can help you sort things out and gain new perspective on what you’re feeling. There’s no shame in asking for help.

If you’re feeling a little down after the holidays, try a few of these tips for overcoming those post-holiday blues. The more you focus on the here-and-now and engage in activities that are enjoyable, the more you can send those blues on their way.

We’ve heard from so many of you and we know you’re planning great things for 2020. We are honored that you trust ClassyPal products and take our adult clothing protectors and other products along on your journey. We love hearing all the ways you’re using them.

What are you planning for 2020? What kinds of topics do you want to see us talk about? Drop a comment and tell us!

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