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Five Crafty Ideas for Seniors with Limited Dexterity

Let’s be honest. As we get older, our hands don’t always work as well as they once did. Things like grip strength, manual dexterity, and fine motor skills are sometimes affected by aging, medications we take, or even health issues such as arthritis or a hand injury. If you’re a craft lover, losing dexterity can make crafting harder. Depending on the type of craft, holding those skinny paintbrushes or charcoals can feel more like an exercise on frustration than a fun activity. And let’s not even talk about those seed beads! What’s a craft lover to do?

We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best craft ideas for seniors who are dealing with limited dexterity. Whether you’re a lifelong crafter or looking for something new to try, we think you’ll find something that catches your eye.

Blow Painting

Blow painting might conjure up memories from your early school years when your teacher would give you a skinny, little milk straw and some watercolors and you’d blow the paints around. Well, blow painting has grown up and has seen a resurgence with adults too. The beauty of blow painting is that straws come in so many sizes you can find one that fits your hand. Those chunky jumbo straws are easy to pick up and hold on to. You can choose the paint you prefer, the size straw that’s most comfortable for you and even choose your base. Maybe you prefer glass or tile to paper or a canvas. There are a zillion possibilities to create something beautiful. Pour your paint and blow!

Tape Painting

This is another blast from the past that has found its way back to popularity. If you like bold, abstract art, this style might be just right for you. All you need is some painter’s tape, a canvas of your choice, brushes that fit your hand, and some acrylic paints. Painter’s tape comes in a variety of widths so don’t be afraid to experiment. Simply stick strips of tape onto the canvas in any pattern you prefer.  You can even vary the length of the strips for a more complex pattern. Next, paint the bare sections using any colors you like. Let it dry. Peel off the tape to reveal your masterpiece!


Most people have a box full of mementos, family pictures, and other memorabilia. That box contains a lifetime of memories and experiences that hold great meaning. Scrapbooking offers a wonderful opportunity to bring those pieces together in a way that tells the story of your experiences. Scrapbooking tools and accessories come in all shapes and sizes so there’s something for everyone. Look for larger scrapbooks, easy grip pens and markers, easy grip scissors, stampers, and other easy to hold items. For those pics that might need some close trimming, ask a family member for help. You may just find yourself sharing a memory that brings generations together.


If you’re a beading lover but find your hands aren’t quite as nimble as they used to be, this idea is for you! Chunky beads and jewelry is not only on trend but these beads are much easier to handle. Check out any local craft or bead store and you will find beads in every shape, size and color. You can use a thicker thread or even use the beads for other projects. Look for easy grip scissors and pliers if you will be using thread, twine or wire. You can create lovely necklaces and bracelets or design something totally unique.

Container Gardens

If you’re a gardener but digging in the dirt has become a challenge, container gardening might just be your new favorite thing. Container gardens allow you to continue to tend the plants you love in a way that avoid the kneeling, digging, and pulling. These days, there are countless varieties of plants that can be grown in containers. You can sit or stand to tend them. And, with so many container options, you can even decorate and paint your containers to give your container garden its own unique personality. No yard? No worries. You can grow plants in containers on a balcony or even a window sill. There are many lovely small house plants and herbs that love a sunny window sill where you can lovingly tend to them. Check out your local garden center for ideas and easy grip tools.

No matter what you choose, crafting can give us hours of enjoyment. While you’re getting busy, don’t forget to protect your clothes. ClassyPal has a complete line of adult bibs and aprons to protect your clothes from spills and splatters. And, you’ll look stylish in your crafting attire. Find what you love to do and let your creativity run free. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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