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Must-Have Adaptive Products That Will Make Aging Easier

Must-Have Adaptive Products That Will Make Aging Easier

Must-Have Adaptive Products That Will Make Aging Easier

When it comes to going about our daily routine, it gets more challenging as we age. Things that were once effortless now take more time and sometimes, we could use a little help. The adult healthcare industry has recognized that need and today, there are adaptive tools for almost any need you find yourself struggling with. We’ve put together a list of some of the must have adaptive tools for making aging just a little easier. 


How many times have you dropped something and find it’s just out of reach? Getting on the floor to reach under the sofa is a no-go for many of us and let’s not even talk about climbing a shaky ladder. Grabbers make getting those “just out of reach” items so much easier. They come in a variety of lengths and styles to fit almost any need. When selecting a grabber, keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose a grabber that works for your hand strength and fits your needs. 
  • Look for one that has no-slip grippers so that it holds on to what you’re reaching for. 
  • You might be taking it with you when you’re out. Consider a flexible, folding grabber. 

Adaptive Utensils

For those with mobility of manual dexterity issues, holding on to spoons, forks, pens and such can be challenging. For those needs, there are a variety of utensils designed to be easier to hold. There are even sometimes grips that you can place on your own utensils or writing implements. 

  • Pen Grips - Pencil/pen grips and have become popular with adults of all ages and come in all kinds of designs. They make holding a pen or pencil and writing more comfortable. These are inexpensive and made for righties and lefties!
  • Oversized Pens – Sometimes you just need a “fat pen” (yes they are really called that). These oversized pens are easy to hold and great for arthritic hands and other issues that can make writing painful.
  • Adaptive Utensils – Difficulty holding a fork or spoon can make mealtime frustration time. Thankfully, there are a number of products designed to make eating just a little easier. There are utensils with fat grips, straps, and there are even grips you can put on your own utensils.
  • Adaptive Grooming Items - Taking care of daily grooming requires the use of a lot of tools that might be hard to manipulate. Hair brushes, combs, even toothbrushes can be hard to hold. If this is your challenge, you’ll find a variety of grooming tools that can make self-care easier. 


Getting dressed can be a challenge. As we age, our fingers aren’t quite as nimble as they used to be. Here are just a few of the many tools you can use to make it a little easier:

  • Zipper Puller – pulls those hard to reach zippers 
  • Sock Puller – sometimes we need help getting those socks on
  • Button Hook Tool – buttons those pesky little buttons
  • Dressing Stick – this long stick helps you to reach and maneuver your clothing into the right place. You can use it to pull up pants or push clothes off. 
  • Locking Shoe Laces – these are little miracles if shoelaces are your challenge. They replace regular laces and lock into place, essentially making your tennis shoes slip ons.
  • Adult Bibs – These adult sized bibs protect clothing from spills and drips. Classy Pal has a complete line of adult bibs and clothing protectors designed for the sophisticated adult. 
  • Grippy Socks and Slippers – Falls prevention is a priority for older adults. Grippy socks and slippers reduce the risk of slipping and falling on slick floors. Diabetic feet require special consideration and Classy Pal has a memory foam slipper designed especially for diabetic feet. 

Around the House

Think about all the things you turn on and off, open and close, and use every day. Doors, keys, lights…some of those things get harder over time. Believe it or not, there are tools to help you navigate home just a little easier. 

  • Lamp Switch Extenders – these little gems make turning those little lamp switches easier. 
  • Lever Door Knobs and Latches – Turning doorknobs can get tricky. Once only found in commercial buildings, lever-style door handles are now available for homes. They’re available at most home improvement stores. Instead of having to turn a knob, you simply press up or down to open the door. 
  • Furniture Risers – Getting up and down on sofas and chairs can be challenging as we age. Furniture risers fit on the legs of furniture and are a practical way to raise the height of a sofa or chair safely. 
  • Light Switch Extenders – If someone is wheelchair bound, reaching a light switch can be difficult. These extenders lower the switch’s height and allow for easy on and off. 
  • Fall Prevention Monitors – This device alerts caregivers when someone is trying to get up unassisted. This device is a must-have for someone caring for a loved one at risk for falling.
  • Emergency Alert – More adults are living alone and if there’s a fall, calling for help can be a problem. There are a number of monitors and services that can alert emergency services in the event you fall or are in need of emergency service. There’s even new wearable technology that can call for help if you can’t.

Adaptive solutions help keep you active and independent. There really is something for almost every challenge. At Classy Pal, we remain committed to helping you stay active and living life to the fullest. 

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