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      3-ply Face Mask - BFE:95-99.9%

      • Size:17.5*9.5cm, Weight:4g
      • Material*:3-ply 100% virgin non-woven fabric
        • 1st ply: 20gsm spun bonded PP.
        • 2nd ply: 25 gsm melt blown PP (filter)
        • 3rd ply: 20gsm spun bonded PP

      Kn95 Face Mask

      • Material:
        • 1st ply: 45gsm spun bonded PP
        • 2nd ply: 25 gsm melt blown PP (filter)
        • 3rd ply: 25gsm melt blown PP (filter)
        • 4th ply: 45 gsm spun bonded PP

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      Lamar Duffy