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Classy Pal Stars

"My mother looks beautiful, while keeping her clothes clean! She no longer feels embarrassed in public, and looks great!"

- Nikki B (New 2017 Customer)


Classy Pal Stars

"I purchased this bib for my mother and she loves it. Mom lives in a retirement facility and has her meals, along with the other residents, in the community dinning room. She has received so many wonderful comments on it that she just glows when she has it on. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful necessity."

- Patricia M (New 2017 Customer)


Classy Pal Stars

"My father has ALS and has trouble with meal time. But we're not a family of slackers so keeping up the dinner dress standard was key!! This bib is great quality, very lightweight and has an optional pocket for that food you drop but may want later. I'm thinking of ordering the black tie one as well for those special occasions."

- Sarah M (New 2017 Customer)


Classy Pal Stars

"A dear friend who is in her late eighties recently made mention of how she would like a tuxedo bib because she is notorious for spills at her age. I found this female version of a tux and when I gave it to her she cried with joy!!! It was beautiful and really well made. I love the soft material with the embroidery. A true winner, thank you!"

- Lisa D (New 2016 Customer)


Classy Pal Stars

"I purchased two adult bibs for friends at my table. Both women love theirs and wear them daily. I've purchased the bibs from Classy Pal and all women are very pleased. Other women in our retirement have asked how to get the bibs and if they are available for men. That answer is YES and men's bibs are very stylish as well."

- Barb M (New 2017 Customer)