Traveling In Style: Look & Feel Your Best Wherever You Go - Elderly Fashion Edition | Classy Pal

Traveling In Style: Look & Feel Your Best Wherever You Go - Elderly Fashion Edition

Traveling In Style: Look & Feel Your Best Wherever You Go - Elderly Fashion Edition

Traveling In Style: Look & Feel Your Best Wherever You Go - Elderly Fashion Edition

We are all dreaming of the days when we can once again take off to places near and far. 2021 is looking like that time could be close and thoughts are once again turning to travel. Whether you’re thinking about somewhere close to home or somewhere exotic, traveling in style and comfort is a must! We’ve been thinking about travel too and we’ve gathered our favorite tips for traveling in style.

Get Organized

The key to travel is being organized. Tossing a pile of things into a suitcase is a surefire way to find yourself in paradise with nothing to wear or worse, at the gate with no passport. 

Make a list of must have items. Think about things like medications, your passport, tickets or boarding passes, itinerary, personal care items, phone charger, clothes, shoes, and other necessary items. If you need certain medical equipment, don’t forget to include that on your list. When you get ready to pack, go down your list. You’ll be less likely to overlook something. 

Pack Smart

It’s easy to get caught up in the “what ifs” and overpack. Think about where you’re going and what you’re most likely to be doing. Check the weather outlook to see if you need to bring warmer or cooler clothes. Choose mix-and-match outfits that can do double duty. Loose, comfy clothing is also a winner for traveling. You can be comfortable, stylish, and layer as you need to.

While you won’t need your entire suitcase while en route, you will likely need a few things. Pack your meds in a carry-on satchel. If you’ll be eating on the plane or stopping along the way, an adult bib can be a clothing saver! Adult bibs are a stylish accessory that can help you to feel confident and secure at mealtimes no matter if you’re eating on the plane, in the car, or at a 5-star restaurant. Our Dress N’ Dine bibs feature fun and sophisticated styles to fit every venue and every style. You can even carry your bib with you no matter what’s on the itinerary with Classy Pal’s tote bag. This bag is large enough to store your adult bib and double as a carry on for your meds, passport, or other important items.  

Take It Easy

Have you ever returned feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation? It’s easy to over schedule and try to do all the things. As you’re planning your trip, think about the amount of time you’ll realistically have. The fact is, 24-hours in a day doesn’t mean you can be on-the-go all that time. You need time for rest and relaxation too. Give yourself permission to not have to “do it all”. Pick the things you most want to do and schedule those first. You can fill in time with other things if you want to. 

Travel in Comfort

Traveling can be physically challenging, especially if you or your loved one is dealing with an illness such arthritis or diabetes. At the end of a long travel day, a little pampering might be just what you need. 

Traveling usually means a lot of walking. Feet get tired. If you suffer from an ailment such as arthritis or diabetes, foot care is essential. Pack a pair of comfy slippers to soothe those feet at the end of the day. Our memory foam diabetic slippers are designed to protect diabetic feet and ease pressure points. They’re also great for pampering tired feet even if you don’t have diabetes. They’re stylish too so you’ll feel confident no matter where you choose to wear them. 

When you’re on the go, you can’t always control the temperature. Pack a travel blanket for those times when you need a little extra warmth. If you or your loved one is in a wheelchair, regular blankets can be challenging, getting tangled or sliding off. Our plush wheelchair blanket is specially made to fit over the lap and attaches securely to a wheelchair so no worries about slippage. It even features a lap pocket to keep hands warm. Best of all, it’s easy to fold and pop into your carry on bag.  

Traveling in style doesn’t have to be a headache. With a little planning and the right items, you can look your best and feel your best so that you can enjoy your adventure without worries. We are here to help you travel in style with products designed for the sophisticated, stylish traveler. Safe travel is right around the corner and we can’t wait to hear where your travels take you! 

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