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      CHERRY Swartz


      Sue B
      Definitely Classy

      My husband has dementia and, therefore, not the neatest eating habits. I have a number of clothing protectors but they are plaid. Our oldest grandson is getting married and they want Grampa there. I needed a discreet but practical protector to go with his suit but not be overly obvious. This fit the bill perfectly. The wedding hasn't happened yet but I know he'll look just fine with his Classy clothing protector!

      Messy Eater
      These car bibs are great!

      Though I am young, I have been using a flowered “wheelchair” bib for years while eating in my car. Nothing like spilling hamburger topping down the front of you while driving! My husband is a messy car eater too, but of course would never use something that looks like an old lady bib. So…. I found these solid black bibs for him for Christmas. They arrived quickly and are just PERFECT. I bought the 3 pack so we can have them for driver and passenger in both cars. (Remember I still have my flowered bib for me :-) I considered putting a Porsche or truck logo on his bib, but I think the plain black is best because it’s inconspicuous.

      Susan Crawford

      Dress 'n Dine™ Adult Bib Plain Black (3 Pack)

      Patricia Totorica
      Plain Black Bib

      Easy to use. Fits close to body and protects clothing. Much better than plastic bibs that get in the way. Looks dignified for the user. After use, just roll up and place in a bag to take home to wash. Great!